if you have any gif requests, questions, or comments just drop a message in our ask. we make it our goal to post about everyone on rookie blue, so always feel free to request or talk about anything you want.

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Q: Where can we watch it if we didn't watch it ?

Try some of these links. If those don’t work, there have been many links floating around in the Rookie Blue tag!

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Q: Can I just say that your blog is freaking amazing. I absolutely love it and I am so glad that I have found it!

Thank you so much! That’s very sweet! <3

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Downloading the new episode as I type! GIFs and whatnot will be up throughout the rest of this week and this weekend.

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Higher quality version of Rookie Blue, Life is Not a Fairy Tale promo.

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Q: Happy Valentine's Day wonderful person that runs this wonderful Rookie Blue blog! Have a great day! :)

Ah, this is so sweet! Thank you so much! <3 I hope you have had a very happy Valentine’s Day, too!

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Ben and Missy + season 5 *so far*

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filming has begun for season 5!

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congrats to everyone at rookie blue!

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Q: I absolutely love your blog! <3

I’m not sure how long ago this was sent, I’m sorry. It isn’t telling us when we receive messages, but thank you so much! We’re so happy you do!

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'Noelle Carbone (@noelcarbs) - And so it begins… Season 5!!!!'

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hey! thanks for hanging in there with us during this long hiatus. filming and what not will be starting soon and we’ll be back to posting! it might be a little bit until we start getting gifs/graphics out again, but news will be back in full swing! any questions you guys have about the upcoming season will be answered once we start hearing about stuff ourselves!

thanks guys!

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Q: Hey! Pleaseeeeee tell me you know somewhere online I can watch ALL seasons of RB?? I have searched high and low and can't find anything :'(

Try this link. 

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